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Hey, you've done this a while and the natural extension of this activity is to go out and enjoy it. Whoa, you never thought you'd really do it! Then you find out that most of the time you might get the occasional stare but really no one cares. Well, getting there is half of the fun.

Bottom line, if you pass well (Geez... you really look like a girl), you can go to clubs. However, if you are like the rest of us, you'll like to know some of the places in the area which will not bat an eye if girls like us show up.

Remember, establishments change their customer types occasionally. Either call ahead if you haven't been to a place in a while or scope it out in your bubba gear.

By the way, for you newbies, most of these places are geared more towards the gay crowd. The ones listed cater to the drag queens and cross dressers as well as main stream gay folks. It is an interesting experience to mingle with one of the other girls in places like these. We have always got compliments from at least one person there. I'm sure they are probably a cross-dresser at heart and wish they were in your shoes (and hose and dress too...).

Rating System

graphicgraphicgraphic = Most likely place to meet another transgendered person
graphicgraphicgraphic = Less likely
graphicgraphicgraphic = Least likely

Information on Cedar Springs Clubs And Others

Sue Ellens - graphic     Web Page

  • If you like people this is the place to be. Basically a lesbian bar. Feel free to dance, play air hockey or pool, lots of good drinks for a cheap price. You'll almost always find one of us girls there. Small cover charge required. This is probably the place that they found the Bud girls.


The Rose room (at Station 4)

  • Located inside Station 4, the Rose room has Drag shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, about 11:00PM.. Thursday is amateur night. Lots of fun but you better like closeness because the room is small, the show is popular, and can get a little cramped. Ask for directions. A cover charge is required.

Jetset Club - 3136 Routh St - 214-720-4475

  • The only Full service swingers bar in ALL OF NORTH TEXAS.  Very TG friendly.  No cover for single ladies.  NON Smoking! Smokers Patio is open for those who choose.

Havana -4006 Cedar Springs - (214) 526-9494

  • Changes venue from a restaurant to a club after 10:00PM. Features Latin music and dancing


The Lizard Lounge, "The Church" - 2424 Swiss Ave. at Goodlatimer expressway.

  • Gothic only on Sunday and Thursday nights, cover $5, multi-room, two dance floors for rock and pop gothic, parking free and well lighted


Hideaway Club - 4144 Buena Vista off Fitzhugh

  • Cover free, live music for this gay piano bar Parking in free lots.


Nana Bar - 2201 Stemmons (Anatole Tower 27th floor)

Nana, a portrait of immense appeal and fame, has once again emerged to capitivate audiences. Her home bears her name, Nana Bar and Grill, at the Wyndharn Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

  • Cover free. Drinks on the high side. This is a straight, very upscale hotel bar with live Jazz band on Fridays and Saturdays. It has a great view of Dallas through the large windows. Parking is free in large hotel lots.


Club One - 3025 Main St.

  • Deep Elum area. Cover varies. Techno type music. Multi-gender restrooms. Parking free.


Hot Shots - 651 S. Jennings, Ft. Worth 817-332-0745

  • Gay bar featuring an occasional male dancer - Dance floor - Mostly men.


Best Friends - 2620 E. Lancaster, Ft. Worth, 817-534-2280

  • Lesbian bar - Dance floor featuring country and western with a little pop. NOTE: Dallas ordinance regarding rest rooms only applies to Dallas County.


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